Greenfield provide a complete precision sheet metal service to offer customers the most comprehensive manufacturing support.

Stud insertion is a perfect way of fixing two sheet metal components together without using fabrication. If the part does not suit a welding process or may just need to be separated at a later stage Greenfield can provide the answer.

Inserting over 250,000 fixings a year Greenfield have three Haeger inserting machines, two of which are the 824 WT4e model which are fitted with auto bowl feeders, and have increased throat depth for components of up to 24″ plus increased hydraulic force of 8 tons to allow improved pressure and catch on fixings to the material. Greenfield insert a variety of stand-offs, anchor rivets, clinch nuts male and female to name just a few. The machines flexible touch screen controllers with stored programs gives the ability to our operators to call up component programmes to the digital screen giving fixing position reliability with the stored programs bringing up visual colour coded drawing guides to eliminate costly errors on complicated panels and sub-assemblies.

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