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Cutting Systems - Laser / Plasma / Waterjet / Oxyfuel


Unit 1A Eagle Technology Park, Queensway, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL11 1TQ

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Kerf Developments supply and support best in class profile cutting solutions for Oxy-fuel, Plasma, UltraSharp plasma and Waterjet cutting applications.
Originally founded in 2002, the focus originally was on helping customers who had been struggling to get service and support for their profile cutting machines. Those early days repairing a wide range of machines gave the Kerf team a great insight into many of the products in the market that were reliable and provided the quality that customers were looking for.
Kerf Developments remains privately owned and completely independent. This independence brings significant benefits for our customer. We are free to choose the products and suppliers that we believe provide the quality, reliability, and service that our customers are looking for when investing in a turnkey cutting machine package.

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