It is with great excitement that we are launching our company rebrand and new visual identity. Hear from our CEO Mark Hutchinson on why we thought the time was right to rebrand and reposition the company.
Our new brand captures the essence of what we are all about: Curiosity, Collaboration, Culture.
This is future engineering, operating as sustainably and responsibly as possible. Putting innovation and continuous improvement at the centre of what we do. Working with colleagues, customers and the community to create a better future for all. Nurturing future careers and creating a great place to work.
Believing that better is always possible.
We like to keep things straightforward, so we’ve also dropped the ‘Engineering’ and changed the company name simply to ‘Hutchinson’.
Let us know what you think of the new visual identity, and have a look at our new website. We love the fresh new image and feel it better reflects what engineering is all about today!