BRUDERER UK has earned a reputation as the industry leader in providing the world’s best high-precision high-speed stamping presses for over 50 years!

Most people are completely unaware of how often in their daily lives they encounter products in which BRUDERER has had a hand.

Whether you are using your mobile phone, travelling in your car, spending your small change on a chocolate bar from a vending machine or having fun with your recently purchased laptop: Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, our customers’ products will be with you all the way.

In addition to the world’s best presses, Bruderer UK Ltd also supplies a fully comprehensive portfolio of press accessories and ancillary equipment, including:

– Pre-owned presses

– Servo feeds

– Coil handling equipment

– Press and mould tool components

– Gas springs

– OEE systems – Press and tool monitoring and protection systems

– Roller & spray lubrication systems

– Scrap and part handling transporters and conveyors

– Tool & die handling equipment for SMED

– Mould tool spotting presses and die-splitters

– Multi-slide forming machines

– Press and equipment overhauls and refurbishments

All provided and supported by our UK based team of technical sales, engineering and after-sales personnel. If you have any requirements, just let us know!

Bruderer UK Ltd