Ready to embark on a transformative journey into the heart of metal fabrication? Look no further than JC Metalworks, where its apprenticeship programme offers a unique and enriching experience that sets the stage for a fulfilling career in the industry.

JC Metalworks, understands the importance of a well-rounded education in metal fabrication.

Its apprentice coordinator and project engineer, Jake Morris, completed his apprenticeship at JC Metalworks and has a deep understanding of what’s best for our apprentices. He plays a key role in developing the apprenticeship programme which is designed to provide a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience in metal fabrication. During the programme, apprentices spend time in each department, learning the intricacies of metalworking processes.

From operating CNC cutting and forming machines to learning TIG, MIG, and spot welding techniques, apprentices gain a versatile skill set. The hands-on exposure of our programme allows apprentices to choose a specialisation that aligns with their capabilities and interests after spending a few weeks in each department. Whether it’s robotic welding, automatic powder coating, or assembly using the latest technology automation, apprentices acquire practical knowledge that forms the foundation for a successful career. Additionally, exposure to digitalised project management ensures that apprentices are well-equipped to navigate the modern landscape of metal fabrication.

Frances,  an apprentice at JC Metalworks, shared her valuable experience. She stated that during her apprenticeship, she was able to gain experience in all areas of the business, starting from design engineering to assembly and dispatch. This allowed her to have a more comprehensive understanding of the production processes from start to finish. Her testimony highlights the importance of taking a holistic approach towards learning, which is crucial for a successful and fulfilling career in metal fabrication.

Alex Genders (commercial apprentice), feels the induction phase is an eye-opener. “It offers a 360-degree view of the business”, he said. “I’ve had hands-on exposure to both the office and the shop floor. It was fascinating to see all the CNC machines in action, producing a wide range of metal parts and products. I have also been introduced to the digital management systems used at JC Metalworks, which include MIE Trak Pro MRP system and smartsheet, which I think makes the entire operation more accurate and efficient.

Josh is a year and a half months into his apprenticeship and expressed his fascination with welding and fabrication. He mentioned that operating robotic welding at JC Metalworks has been an incredible experience. He is eager to expand his skills further, and he is grateful for the guidance provided by skilled and experienced operatives at JC Metalworks. Josh is on a journey to becoming an expert in TIG, MIG and spot welding and feels that JC Metalworks is the perfect place to achieve that goal.

Opportunities for advancement

Fabian, started his apprentice journey in 2018 and he emphasises the long-term advantages of the apprenticeship programme, saying “The programme lays the foundation for a successful and rewarding career.” After his apprenticeship, Fabian was employed as an operative in our cutting department, where he became known for his enthusiasm and proactive attitude.  Within a year, he applied for and secured the team leader position in the assembly department.

His achievements are a testament to JC Metalworks’ dedication to providing ample growth opportunities to its apprentices, helping them become capable and confident enough to take up new challenges.

Dedicated mentors

Entering your first job is a significant milestone that marks the beginning of your professional life. We understand that transitioning from a student to an employee can be a challenging process. That’s why we don’t leave new recruits to fend for themselves. Instead, we provide them with the support they need in the form of dedicated mentors. 

Our experienced managers act as trusted guides, helping apprentices every step of the way. They answer questions, offer guidance, and provide constructive feedback to help apprentices learn new skills and build their confidence and resilience. Our mentors serve as sounding boards, working with apprentices to solve problems, navigate challenges, and grow into independent contributors.

We understand that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process. That’s why our mentors create a safe space for exploration and experimentation. We believe that trust is something that is earned, not given. By empowering our apprentices through mentorship, we help them lay the foundation for their future success.

Meet Ana, one of our mentors. She has been mentoring George, who is in his third year of apprenticeship, and Josh, who is in his second.

Ana believes in creating a comfortable environment for her apprentices, where she encourages open communication to help them transition smoothly into their new work life. She goes above and beyond to guide them and teach them to adapt to the workplace.

Ana is delighted with George’s transformation from a reserved apprentice to a bright, intelligent coworker who is now an integral part of our engineering team, and feels that Josh has undergone significant growth and matured in his role, becoming more responsible and embracing new challenges with a positive attitude.

She is particularly pleased with the relations that have developed among the apprentices. They have formed genuine friendships that extend beyond the workplace. She feels all the young apprentices radiate cheerfulness and embody a sense of unity that is admirable.

Bridging the gaps in knowledge

Another example of brilliant mentorship is Stephen Wooldridge who is our experienced Account Manager and has a strong passion for mentoring apprentices. He is known for his patience, supportiveness, and willingness to go the extra mile to help his mentees succeed. 

Steve is truly making a real difference in the lives of the apprentices he mentors. In one instance, our apprentices Frances and Josh had to learn about electronic components and principles as part of their college course. However, as JC Metalworks primarily deals with mechanical engineering, there was a gap in knowledge for this topic. Fortunately, Stephen is also the Account Manager of our customer Yamazaki Mazak, so to bridge this gap he arranged for both the apprentices to spend a couple of days learning the electrical side of engineering at Mazak. This training turned out to be an amazing experience for Josh and Frances.

Comprehensive health and safety training programme

At JC Metalworks, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our apprentices and are proud to offer a rigorous health and safety training programme on the shop floor. This comprehensive programme goes beyond immediate concerns and provides a critical foundation for our apprentices’ long-term success.

Through hands-on training sessions and theoretical modules, our apprentices gain a deep understanding of industry-specific safety protocols, hazard identification, emergency procedures, and the importance of personal protective equipment, machinery safety, and safe handling of materials. Our experienced safety professionals guide apprentices in developing a safety-conscious mindset, cultivating a proactive approach to preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of themselves and their colleagues. We understand that investing in comprehensive health and safety training not only mitigates immediate risks but also fortifies our apprentices for a resilient and prosperous future in the metal fabrication field. 

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