The Workshop Press Company UK is excited to announce the successful rollout of its latest innovation, a 500-Ton Hydraulic Press, part of our esteemed Profi Press Production Press series. This engineering marvel is equipped with a robust 100-ton hydraulic cushion that has a 150mm stroke, all controlled by Siemens Numerical Control (NC).


The Siemens NC technology allows operators to digitally fine-tune press settings, with the added benefit of saving multiple operational programs for effortless hydraulic press management. This feature underwent rigorous testing during a pre-acceptance phase, giving our client the opportunity to clear any remaining questions before finalizing the delivery.


This 500-Ton Hydraulic Press is destined for greatness, as it will be employed for a variety of subcontracting activities. The press is designed to accommodate a wide range of tools, thanks to its expansive 1000 x 850mm pressing tables.

The Workshop Press Company UK

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