At Clamason Industries, innovation and forward-thinking are the cornerstones of our progress. A recent investment in a brand-new 400t press – a major acquisition aligning with our strategic vision targeting the rapidly evolving Electric Vehicle (EV) component market. As the demand for EVs surge, so does the complexity of our output, requiring state-of-the-art machinery to keep pace.

Why the Investment?

With automotive components becoming more intricate, larger tooling becomes vital to produce a finished part using a singular progression tool. 2023 is also set to be a landmark year for us; as we unveil this new machinery, we are also in the throes of expanding our site in Nitra, Slovakia, further anchoring our position in the European market.

GTX Series: A Glimpse into the Future

The GTX series represents the pinnacle of high-speed, high-precision mechanical presses. Whether it’s punching, blanking, or forming, the double-crank mechanism and straight-sided design of these presses ensure unparalleled production quality.

By the end of summer 2023, our 400-tonne machine will be fully operational, featuring a comprehensive stamping line equipped with cutting-edge decoiling and straightening technology.

The investment itself is further evidence of Clamason’s commitment to producing aluminium and steel components for the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles. It follows on from the unveiling of a trademarked ATC-100 technical cleaning process, providing unrivalled levels of component cleanliness.

Both developments underline the businesses desire to remain at the forefront of the manufacturing industry, both in the UK and Europe.

GTX 400: Enhancing Production and Customer Satisfaction

The GTX 400, crafted meticulously by Chin Fong, brings an array of benefits:

  • Flexibility. Catering to diverse cutting requirements.
  • Elevating stamping precision to produce top-tier components.
  • Noise and vibration reductions ensure a safe operational environment.
  • Extended tool lifespan ensures long-term value throughout production cycles.

Our new machine is a H frame mechanical press that comes complete with a TOMAC decoiler straightener. One of its major advantages is an ability to feed material up to 600m wide, with a thickness range of between 0.8m and 3.5mm.

Who Is Chin Fong?

Turning attentions to Chin Fong: Founded in 1960, this Taiwan-based giant is renowned for designing and producing high-performance presses that cater to varied industries. Their hallmark lies in the precision, speed, and energy efficiency of their machines.

A Partnership Built on Trust

Our decision to purchase the GTX 400 was backed by Worcester Presses, the UK’s premier supplier of mechanical and hydraulic equipment. Our robust relationship spanning three decades includes unwavering technical support and comprehensive service packages.

The integration of the GTX 400 press signals not just an equipment upgrade, but a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and demands.

Clamason Industries UK

Worcester Presses Ltd