Specialists in Machine Engineering and Design for Manufacturing, Warren, are thrilled to share the latest development in their ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability.  

The company recently had the honour of welcoming Chris Starkie from Norfolk County Council (NCC) to officially open its new laser cell. This event marks a significant milestone in the company’s history and showcases the collaborative efforts that drive progress in our industry. 

A major investment in cutting-edge technology 

The new laser cell represents Warren’s largest single investment to date, totaling £1.5 million. The project has been a long-term vision brought to reality. Through the generous support of Norfolk County Council’s grant of £100,000, Watten have been able to achieve this ambitious goal. 

Partnership with Norfolk County Council 

The company’s collaboration with NCC has been instrumental in the realisation of this project. As part of their application for the grant, Warren worked closely with NCC on a comprehensive decarbonisation plan. This plan not only justified the investment but also aligned with Warren’s commitment to sustainable practices. 

Creating jobs and opportunities 

The benefits of this investment extend beyond technological advancements. Warren are proud to announce that the establishment of the new laser cell has already enabled them to employ seven new staff members. Among these are four apprentices, who represent the future of our industry. By providing these young professionals with the opportunity to learn and grow within the company, Warren are investing in the next generation of engineering talent. 

Supporting the transition to Net Zero 

This project is part-funded by Norfolk County Council through the Business Transition to Net Zero Scheme. This initiative is designed to support businesses in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition to more sustainable operations. Warren are committed to playing their part in this vital global effort. 

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