One of Turkey’s most reliable fiber laser cutting Machine. iLaser is the number one choice of customers.

iLaser fiber laser cutting machines offer various options. According on your needs, you can choose IPG or Raycus resonators, choose Precitec Procutter or RayTools as the cutting head, and choose IPG or S&A units for the cooling system. Thanks to the shuttle table, you can increase your productivity by up to 50%. The bridge of the cutting head, which withstands high accelerations, also ensures very high precision. The machine is equipped with cameras to provide real-time insight into and around the machine. Thanks to Industry 4.0 compatibility, you can see all data immediately on the 21-inch screen.

iLaser F6-4020

Lengths: 4000 X 2000 mm

Resonator: IPG YLS 6000

Laser Output Power: 6 kW

Cutting head: Precitec

CNC Unit: ESA 675 W 21”

Chiller Unit: IPG