Brendan Read heads up our Engineering Department. This video highlights the vast array of applications and indeed alloy mix Lawton Tubes offer. Not just the UKs leading supplier of plumbing and refrigeration tube we can make pretty much make any size of round, square, oval copper tube. We have over £0.5m worth of in-house tooling!

Lawton Engineering combines the unique skills and facilities of our two manufacturing plants in Dorset and Coventry, into a unique offering within the industrial copper tube market. Discover more about our copper tubing and pipes.

Thanks to our production capabilities and our collective skill set, there is a lot we can offer you in the Lawton Tubes service package:

  • The Lawton team specialises in the manufacture of precision copper and copper-nickel (cupro) tubes
  • Lawton is capable of producing straight copper tube, with cut lengths ranging from 6mm to 10m.
  • The length of our copper coils ranges from 5m to 50m.
  • We have the capabilities and skillset to manufacture copper tubing and piping to the tempers (hardness) you require. The surface hardness we supply range from anywhere between soft to skin hard. We design our copper tubes to withstand every sophisticated engineering and bending operations.
  • Products can be produced:
    • Eddy current tested
    • Deburred by hand and/or machine
    • Hand inspected at various stages of production
    • Fast turn around on manufacture
    • Despatched and delivered on our dedicated fleet of vehicles

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