Brandauer has always invested in the future, starting with the hands-on teaching method of its apprenticeship programme to involving its staff with continuous improvement drives and upskilling opportunities. The apprentice programme has become a vital part of the business culture at Brandauer and is recognised nationally through various awards, as well as accolades received by individuals partaking in the programme. Brandauer has a rich and proud history, with core values in the investment and development of ambitious employees. A Brandauer apprenticeship is an important platform for securing a long-term future as well as the firm’s legendary status as one of Birmingham’s last, great precision engineering companies. Continued investment in developing next-gen engineers and bridging the skills gap is a commitment that the business considers one of its most prioritised principles. Join the programme: Ambitious individuals looking to develop the skills that will lay the foundation for a successful career in engineering are encouraged to apply for the Brandauer apprenticeship programme. Incorporating a first year ‘off the job’ placement with a training provider, a Brandauer apprentice will undergo specific training and academic education to become familiar with, and expert in the application of specific skills to support both the business and the individual’s prosperity. Scheduled over approximately 4 years, the apprentice will achieve NVQ practical and City & Guilds/BTEC academic qualifications to support their future growth within the business. These are the key benefits of being an employee at Brandauer and are improved further by the fact that you will be working for a company with the highest manufacturing standards.

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