FABTECH 2022 Atlanta was a resounding success for Unison Tube LLC, the North American arm of UK-based Unison Ltd – the inventors of all-electric tube manipulation.

Unison machines on show at FABTECH included an all-electric Unison Breeze Twin Head tube bender and one of the company’s all-new ‘Synergy’ hybrid multi-stack models. The Synergy machine on display – a 2” (50 mm) collet, multi-stack model – was quickly snapped up by full-service precision tube bending specialists, Accurate Tube Bending Inc. of Newark, California. The Breeze Twin Head bender, a machine developed for the high-speed manufacture of symmetrical tubular shapes, such as those typically found in automotive, agricultural and furniture applications, was purchased by a leading street furniture specialist.

In addition to showcasing several of its CNC machine tool technologies at FABTECH, Unison also used the event to launch Opt2Sim Tube, the latest addition to its industry leading Opt2Sim tube simulation software suite, with delegates being invited to enter a draw to win one of several Opt2Sim Tube software licenses. With the opportunity to benefit from speed enhancements of up to 25 percent, depending on the component being bent, Unison’s recently upgraded Unibend CNC also caught the attention of delegates.

“FABTECH 2022 was a great event for us,” comments Unison Tube LLC’s Vice President, Stuart Singleton. “Quite apart from selling two of our display machines on the first day of the show, we gained an exceptional number of high-quality leads from manufacturers and subcontractors – industry professionals, who clearly know their tube and were looking for first-class tube manipulation technologies.

“Our newly-released Opt2Sim Tube simulation software attracted considerable interest thanks to its ability to make it easier than ever to create virtual parts, ready for precise bending data to be uploaded to the bending machine,” he continued. “We met friends, customers and colleagues old and new; we sold our display machines – and we came away with some excellent leads. All in all, it was fantastic to be back at FABTECH for the first time since the Covid pandemic. In fact, it’ll be no surprise to hear that, after such a great exhibition, we’re already thinking about what we’ll show at FABTECH 2023 in Chicago.”

New Opt2Sim tube simulation software – a complete end-to-end solution

Continuous innovation has ensured that Unison’s Opt2Sim suite of 3D simulation software programs remains a firm favorite among users of Unison and other brands of tube bending machinery. Perfected for ‘Design to Manufacture’ production strategies, Opt2Sim tube bending simulation software uses machine and component data to provide a precise, virtual insight into the tube bending process before a single part is bent.  In new Opt2Sim Tube, Unison gives users the ability to drag and drop STEP files into the software program and extract tube data instantly. Parts can also be drawn by simply entering XYZ or YBC coordinates and viewed in 3D. Bend data is quickly converted into printable reports and individual tube data can be extracted.

About Unison Tube LLC

Unison Tube LLC is the North American division of Unison Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of tube and pipe bending machines, offering the largest range of all-electric benders for diameters from 5/32” (4 mm) to 10” (275 mm) schedule pipe. With a reputation for building highly powerful, highly robust machines that deliver uncompromising levels of accuracy and repeatability, Unison Ltd continually innovates the tube and pipe bending marketplace. The company manufactured the world’s first all-electric tube bender in 1994, followed by the world’s first all-electric multi-stack tube bender, then the world’s largest all-electric tube bender for the shipbuilding industry. Available in single-stack, multi-stack and right/left varieties, Unison machines are delivered to more than 20 countries globally. Unison’s tube bending software is recognized as the most user-friendly control system for tube bending machines. The software is written and supported by Unison, ensuring complete control of its evolution, with no need for third party support.