At the recent Yamazaki Mazak ‘Discovery Event‘, Sheet Metal Industries caught up with Craig Letty from Mate Tooling Solutions who describes the Ultraform® thick turret forming system which combines with their universal press brake forming holder. The tool is directly used on a press brake to create electrical knockouts, louvers, lance and forms, embosses and stencils. Ultraform PBT is available for B, C, D and E forming stations in American Precision Style, European Precision Style and Wila Trumpf Style versions.

The Ultraform PBT forming adaptor uses interchangeable plates to mimic the upper and lower turret environments of a thick turret punch press. Precision alignment is achieved with guide pins during installation. These pins are removed during operation to provide a fully open area for the workpiece.

The power of Ultraform’s unique system is that you can have an array of forming tools and use the same holder, thus providing saving on overall tooling spend.

Mate Tooling Solutions Ltd Yamazaki Mazak