Sawing, blasting, painting, drilling and milling at high speed. This is going to happen in one process at thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland: faster, more precise, fully automated and with customized solutions. This will be achieved by an advanced production line with five machines from Voortman Steel Machinery at the Veghel location. The improved process offers thyssenkrupp customers more and even more accurate machining possibilities with shorter lead times, from work preparation to shipping.

The new processing line consists of five machines that work seamlessly together: two identical Voortman VB-series sawing machines, the Voortman V631 drilling and milling machine, the Voortman VSB-Range shot-blasting machine and the Voortman VP-Range painting machine. With drilling and milling added, thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland can offer customers a more complete package of operations. It represents another step in relieving customers by reducing internal handling.

From separate processes to fully automated complete solution

Where the company initially focused on separate processes such as blasting, painting and sawing materials, the company recognizes that this process can be organized more efficiently and that customers today are looking for completely processed products and a total solution. One of the reasons is to save time or reduce pressure on manpower. Aware of these challenges, thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland sees adding processes with an optimal automated logistics flow as the key to success. Peter Henne, managing director thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland: “With this investment, customers can expect more machining capabilities from us with higher efficiency and flexibility. Herewith we take an important step to support them even better.”

Efficiency and reliability anchored in logistics flow

The development of this optimal production line required a thorough analysis of thyssenkrupp’s production data and product mix over the past year. Voortman designed and evaluated various layouts and scenarios. The result is an optimized layout in which steel beams, profiles and bar steel are processed via streamlined efficient routes.

Materials are first blasted and painted fully automatically by the blasting and painting line and then go either through the Voortman V631 profile drilling and milling machine or directly to one of the two Voortman VB saws, both equipped with a short piece removal system. It is a continuous process where the next profiles are already buffered and automatically transported to the next machine in the line to one of the outfeed locations. Sorting is straightforward at the outfeed zones with Smart Unloading: screens indicate which materials are ready for shipment. The complete line ensures product traceability, allowing thyssenkrupp to remain “in control” at all times and guarantee reliable delivery times.

About Voortman Steel Machinery  

Over more than 50 years, Voortman Steel Machinery has grown into a leading global manufacturer of CNC steel processing machines and software solutions for various industries that process profiles, pipes or plate material. More than a machine manufacturer, Voortman is also an architect of software solutions, with a strong focus on powerful, local service. The company offers a total solution to automate and optimize customers’ entire production process. With more than 650 employees spread across ten locations, Voortman has an extensive and knowledgeable team. The Voortman Experience Center in Rijssen welcomes customers both physically and virtually from around the world for live demonstrations and trains engineers and operators.

About thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland

thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland is the leading service wholesaler for materials in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. As part of the global thyssenkrupp organization and Business Area Materials Services, it offers customers a wide range of services and products. With five branches in the Netherlands and two in Belgium, the company can deliver quickly and reliably to customers from all sectors of the metalworking industry. thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland offers an extensive range of flat products, round bar, profiles and tubes, as well as a wide range of customized solutions and technical innovations throughout the chain.

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