Recently, Kirkstall Precision Engineering (KPE) embarked on its annual away day, choosing the immersive setting of Escape Hunt in Leeds as the backdrop for a day of team building and camaraderie. In the intricate world of medical device manufacturing, where precision and collaboration are paramount, KPE recognises the pivotal role of such events in fostering excellence and unity among its team members. 

Away days like these not only offer a reprieve from the daily manufacturing activity but also serve as catalysts for innovation, teamwork, and employee well-being. This is hugely important in the complex realm of medical device manufacturing, where every component is critical and every detail matters, Kirkstall Precision Engineering’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. 

Whether it’s crafting a knee implant or a hip surgery device, each product undergoes a meticulous process, from conception to production. This rigorous journey demands a seamless blend of technical expertise and teamwork, where every team member plays a vital role in ensuring precision and quality. 

Management team view on the away day

Speaking about the away day, Adam Thornton, CEO of Kirkstall Precision Engineering stated that: “Away days provide an invaluable platform for our team members to connect on a personal level, fostering trust and collaboration.”

In addition, Craig Dowling, Manufacturing Director at Kirkstall Precision Engineering highlighted that “These events encourage our team to think outside the box, sparking innovative solutions that drive our business forward.”

As the team gathers for the annual away day, the stage is set for a day of bonding, collaboration, and shared experiences that will further strengthen the fabric of KPE’s culture. Away days like these provide a unique space for employees to step away from their desks and connect on a more personal level, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect that transcends the workplace.

Fostering an environment of collaborative thinking

During the recent escape room challenge at Escape Hunt, KPE’s employees found themselves immersed in a series of puzzles and tasks that required collaboration, critical thinking, and effective communication to solve.

As they worked together to unravel the mysteries and overcome obstacles, bonds were strengthened, and trust was deepened among team members. These shared experiences not only foster a sense of belonging but also cultivate a supportive environment where individuals feel valued and empowered to contribute their ideas and expertise.

Beyond the immediate benefits of team bonding and camaraderie, away days play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and creativity within the workplace. By stepping outside of their usual roles and routines, employees have the opportunity to gain fresh perspectives, break free from mental blocks, and approach challenges with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Combining strengths to benefit our customers

For Kirkstall Precision Engineering, this escape room challenge served as a microcosm of the collaborative effort and problem-solving skills required in their day-to-day work. Just as each member brought their unique strengths and insights to the table during the game, so too do they contribute their expertise and creativity to the development of life-saving medical devices. 

The lessons learned and connections forged during the day directly translate into the workplace, where they continue to inspire innovation and drive the company forward.

Kirkstall Precision Engineering