The Hannover trade show is an exciting opportunity to learn about recent developments in sheet metal and see all the solutions dedicated to laser cutting.

EuroBLECH 2022, in Hanover from October 25- 28, provides the opportunity for the BLM GROUP to present an overview of its solutions and comprehensive portfolio of software and services. Our biggest news concerns the debut of our new sheet metal laser cutting system.

Visitors to the show will be the first to publicly see the LS7, the latest addition to BLM GROUP’s line-up, resulting from the company’s decades of experience and most recent technological research, and learn more about the technical advantages and ease of use of this new system. The following machines will be showcased at BLM GROUP stands D118 (Hall 12) and E182 (Hall 13) together with the LS7.

LT8.20, the most complete Lasertube of them all

The LT8.20 is the Lasertube system equipped with a 3D laser cutting head that offers the largest working range in laser cutting of standard and special section tubes, from 12 mm to 240 mm in diameter. With the LT8.20, productivity for large and small batches is guaranteed because production changeover is automatic and a new batch can be started in mere minutes.

LT8.20 is the product with the largest number of configurations and loading and unloading lengths, technical solutions and options available to effectively meet a broad array of needs and specific production requirements. The layout can be decided by the customer according to the available space and, above all, to the required production type and work organization.

The system offers consistent quality and performance over the entire range of machinable diameters, whatever the complexity of the part and cutting path, specifically with any material and thickness, with closed or open profiles, with 2D or 3D laser cutting and regardless of the number and shape of geometries. In addition, LT8.20 can be equipped with special additional features called Active Tools for even better and faster results, regardless of operator experience.

Ease of use and maintenance are the result of new proprietor technical solutions which support the operator in everyday use. The system on show at EuroBLECH also includes a Drill&Tap device for drilling and tapping directly on the system with no need for additional dedicated machines. This solution ensures part precision by avoiding possible repositioning errors and eliminates the requirements of intermediate handling and storage.

LS5, the sheet metal laser cutting, ideal for unmanned operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

LS5 is a high-end, fully automatic, flexible and productive sheet laser cutting system. It is equipped with an IPG fibre laser source of up to 12kW and a Precitec Zoom 2.0 head. Extremely versatile and capable of adapting to the most diverse production requirements, the LS5 offers the possibility of adding, even post purchase, the Lasertube module for “zero time” switching from laser tube cutting to sheet cutting and vice versa, and any automatic sheet loading and unloading systems and warehouse towers.

The LS5 can be equipped with Active Tools, a compiled suite of cutting-edge technical solutions to achieve the best results in less time regardless of the operator’s experience: Active Piercing for increased cutting performance on thicker material, Active Cool for improving the workpiece cutting quality using water cooling, Active Camera for helping the operator to make the most of the material by managing the nesting with a simple drag&drop method on the machine interface screen, and Active Nozzle Changing for automatic replacing of the cutting nozzle and monitoring of its wear whenever it is required.

LT360, the extremely flexible and compact robot laser cutting cell

The machine on display is designed for cutting on a fixed table and is the ideal solution for deep drawn, flat or presse

The machine on display is designed for cutting on a fixed table and is the ideal solution for deep-drawn, flat or pressed sheets. It has a 3 kW fibre laser source and is equipped with a comprehensive technology database in addition to state-of-the-art technological features, such as Active Focus for optimising the cutting process for high quality and productivity on any type of workpiece

The LT360 is available in various configurations. In the One Flex configuration, it is equipped with a workpiece handling robot, an ideal solution for laser cutting bent or hydroformed tubes. In the Tailored configuration, the handling robot is used to pick up the piece directly from outside the enclosure to allow integration of the cell in the most diverse production contexts.

The extremely attractive price, the on-machine experience that makes the operator’s job easier and the production and layout flexibility make the LT360 the ideal machine to approach the world of 3D laser cutting applications.

BLMelements: A complete software suite for managing your processing technologies In parallel to processing systems, BLM GROUP offers a suite of native software programs that makes the most of the power of the equipment to provide users with excellent work performance and robust process features for programming both on the machine and in the office.

VGP3D is the three-dimensional graphic programming software for BLM GROUP tube bending machines and wire benders. Simple, user-friendly and powerful, the VGP3D is also available in an office version and allows the operator to create any shape or geometry with the tube with a few simple clicks.

Artube is the BLM GROUP CAD/CAM software for programming Lasertube systems to allow operators to draw, manipulate and design single parts or complex tubular assemblies of any section. Artube, the most complete CAD/CAM, is both dynamic and adaptable to the customer’s specific needs.

ArtCut is the CAM software for programming 3D laser cutting cells for programming new parts offline
ArtCut is the CAM software for programming 3D laser cutting cells for programming new parts offline thereby starting production quickly and easily. With its immediate and user-friendly 3D graphics, ArtCut simplifies the programming of any three-dimensional workpiece and automatically solves any collisions. The cutting program simulation is remarkably true to reality.

Partviewer runs a graphical simulation of cutting programs for Lasertube systems and estimates execution times and costs.

Protube is the BLM GROUP production MES, a single interface for easy and transparent management of part programs for the main BLM GROUP machines. Protube can be used to prepare technologically precise work orders in the office, to efficiently plan production, send production orders to the connected plants and keep track of all operations. By applying artificial intelligence strategies and data interconnection with the customer’s ERP, Protube is the key enabler for the evolution of smart Industry 4.0 applications.

Customer-oriented services with dedicated solutions.

The BLM GROUP can offer a wide range of services designed to accompany the customer throughout the lifecycle of the system to maintain the highest level of efficiency and machine availability. The many services that the group offers include:

BLManalytics monitors machine production data in real-time to provide useful information on plant use and production, highlighting potential critical issues and possible areas for improvement to help make quick, targeted and effective strategic decisions, ensuring maximum efficiency and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Whatever the production context, the BLM GROUP has a complete range of solutions for machining tubes, sheet metal and any three-dimensional metal section, enhanced by dedicated software solutions and an array of services that provide customers with all-around support.