FIMI Group is glad to present the biggest and most powerful slitting line in Europe, recently installed and commissioned at Padana Tubi – Italy, one of the most important producers of steel tubes.

This is a slitting line for hot rolled material, from 4 to 20 mm thickness and from 500 to 2350 mm width, both black and pickled material. Capability up to 28 cuts and tensile strength up to 800 MPa for 20 mm thickness.

The line has been designed adopting many different special solutions, in order to achieve the top in performances, productivity,reliability, safety and ergonomics for the operators.

  • For instance, there is a brushing facility at the entry of the line for removing the scale.
  • A levelling facility able to remove the internal stress and guaranteeing the perfect flatness of the strip.
  • Equipped with a special device for feeding the slit strips from the shear to the breaking carriage and from the breaking carriage to the recoiler.
  • Smart design of separator in order to get the very friendly and easy operation from the operators.
  • A braking solution without any felt press.
  • The capability to bend the head and the tail of the strips, both for a more safe recoiling of the strips and more safe managing of the slit coils.
  • Ending of the slit coil is for welding of the tail and for circumferential strapping on the tail.

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