Men and women of Tata Steel are ‘embracing equity’ through a series of workshops and networking events.

Jo Evans, Director of Tata Steel’s Building Systems business said: “Our industry is a fantastic place to build an exciting career, with women in every part of our UK business—from operations and engineering to research, sales and central functions—making a huge impact every day.
“The discussions we’re having this year around the difference between equality and equity are really helpful in making sure we’re striving for equal outcomes for all.”

Debbie Jones, Professor of Criminology and Interim Head for the School of Social Sciences at Swansea University said: “The more discussions we can have about topics such as equity, diversity and inclusion, the more likely we are to make progress towards a more inclusive and effective workplace and society. I’m absolutely thrilled that Tata Steel is embracing the campaign so actively this year and am delighted to be asked to share my own thoughts and experiences.”

Jessica Williams, Specialist Operator Blast Furnaces in Port Talbot, said: “While it’s a bit of fun to take selfies embracing the campaign, it’s much more important that we all get involved in conversations about equality and equity – no matter who you are or what you do, you can speak up and make a difference every day.”

Tata Steel is also relaunching its Steel Women’s Network, which aims to provide a forum that positively informs and influences the role of women in steel, and to inspire future generations to be involved in the industry.

Jo added: “We are a business that is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture that is representative of the society in which we all live; that means a culture where everyone feels they can bring their authentic self to work and feel empowered to reach their full potential.”

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