Had Fab Ltd are pleased to announce an investment of £400,000 in a new CNC heavy plate processing machine, helping it more than double the capacity of the business.

The investment – which has been supported by a grant from Enterprise Scotland – is a significant investment for Had Fab and will enable production of precision cut steel components in a fraction of the time and to the very highest quality.

The commitment – which forms part of our strategic growth plans – enables grow of the already successful Power Transmission and Distribution division more than 2-fold and will position us as one of few companies in the UK to be able to manage precision cut steel at significant capacity.

The machine – which has been commissioned as a bespoke item and manufactured in Italy – is capable of producing up to 100 sheets of 10mm steel in as little as a 24hr period. Potentially, slashing production time of typical tower jobs by as much as half.

Other advantages include

  • The requirement to only measure once, meaning sheets can be processed in one operation resulting in significant throughput
  • Exact specifications – communicated through sophisticated software – enabling exacting drill precision with the shortest movement of paths
  • Finished product which can sorted based on length, product name and any other processing requirements.


Had Fab Ltd