Founded in 1990 by Mike, Jasmin, and Chris Garland, M&J (Europe) Ltd initially focused on the installation and repairing conveyor belts from their first location in Cwm, Ebbw Vale. As the company grew, it expanded into the manufacturing of new conveyors and general engineering, eventually outgrowing their current unit, and relocating to Tafarnaubach – Wales.

M&J continued to grow and began offering a wider range of technical and engineering services, from general fabrication and automation, to site maintenance and conveyor production.

The family-owned business made its third move in 1999, to a larger facility in Tafarnaubach, where it remains today, continually investing in new buildings, equipment, machinery, and plant, all to aid the consistent growth of M&J.

Over 30 years later, M&J has over 40 employees and a dedicated goal of providing a high-quality bespoke service for customers.

Clients Requirements:

M & J were asked to manufacture a system for a client that would drastically reduce manual handling and increase their automation at their door manufacturing facility.


M & J proposed a fully automated production line which required 2 operators in comparison to the previous 15.

​Completely eliminating all manual handling through specifically manufactured machines, an example of this is the bespoke door flipper. 

​This required a fully manufactured and programmed system, including custom built PLCs for the project.

Key Specifications:

  • The installation of our machines increased overall output from 40 doors an hour to 120 doors an hour – a 300% increase.​
  • The cost of the system was also recouped within 6 months of production. ​​
  • RFID technology integrated within the system
  • Live feedback of door progress to anticipate required parts further down the production line
  • Customised user-friendly touch screen interface

M&J (Europe) Ltd