After suffering supply chain issues and serious production delays, Advanced Air UK Ltd turned to coil processing experts Decoilers & Feeders Ltd for a bespoke solution to bring their tube rolling provision in house.

Delays are an inevitable part of manufacturing; at some point in the process, things are going to go wrong. Whether it’s a machine or a supply chain breakdown, there are some days when projects just aren’t moving forward. But when those days turn into weeks – or even months, that’s the time to reassess whether current processes are in fact working at all.

This was the case for Advanced Air UK Ltd, an established supplier of air distribution products to the UK building industry. They approached Decoilers & Feeders Ltd in 2022 to address their tube rolling issues following months of supply headaches and delays caused by sourcing components from overseas.

Find out how Decoilers & Feeders helped solve the problem – and the unexpected wins that came with it. Read full published article here.

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