Kaller UK are excited to announce its expansion of Heavy Duty Protection covers to include five new product sizes!

Expanding Horizons

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. To meet the ever-growing demands of our valued customers and provide the utmost protection for Gas Springs in a variety of environments, KALLER® is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Heavy Duty Protection (HDP) Covers product line. Now available in five additional sizes — Ø45 mm, Ø50 mm, Ø63 mm, Ø75 mm, and Ø195 mm — HDP Covers are poised to revolutionize the way you safeguard your equipment.

What are HDP Covers?

HDP Covers are specially designed protective canvases that seamlessly fit over Gas Spring rods and bodies. Their primary mission: to shield your Gas Springs from contamination and corrosive materials in the harshest of environments. They are the go-to solution for dusty, dirty, and contaminating settings.

Benefits of HDP Covers:

  1. Reduce costs: They protect Gas Springs from corrosion and contamination reducing downtime, maintenance, and expensive replacements.
  2. Extended Lifespan: Double the lifetime of Gas Springs when used in extremely dirty environments.
  3. Enhanced Reliability: By providing maximum protection, they ensure consistent Gas Spring performance, minimizing disruptions in your operations.
  4. Easy Integration: HDP Covers are the world’s first piston rod covers without open breathing holes, effortlessly fiting over the gas spring. For Gas Springs with upper flanges, a Flange Adapter can be seamlessly integrated.

Expanding Possibilities

With the introduction of five new sizes, HDP Covers can now be applied to an even wider range of Gas Spring models. This expansion opens up a world of possibilities for our customers, offering flexibility and adaptability.

New Ordering Method

To streamline the ordering process, HDP Covers are now ordered by tube size, and customers can personally adjust the length as needed. This adjustment empowers you to tailor the protection to your precise requirements. View our HDP brochure for more details.


HDP in Action: Hot Stamping Operations

One area where HDP Covers shine is in hot stamping operations. The harsh conditions of hot stamping, including exposure to dirt, dust, and corrosive substances like Boron scale, make Gas Springs vulnerable. HDP Covers offer robust protection in this challenging environment, safeguarding your equipment throughout the entire hot stamping process, including the quenching phase.

Increase Lifespan and Ensuring Consistent Performance

The HDP Covers shield Gas Springs from contaminants, effectively increasing their lifespan in extremely dirty environments like hot stamping operations. This heightened durability ensures that Gas Springs perform consistently, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Cost-Effective Hot Stamping Tool Design

HDPs are designed for seamless integration into hot stamping tool designs. They fit effortlessly without requiring modifications to the Gas Spring, and the addition of an upper Flange adapter is simple. Hot stamping operations equipped with the HDP Covers experience enhanced reliability and consistency, contributing to significant savings in replacement and maintenance costs.

A Step Towards Industry Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of metal forming in manufacturing, hot stamping plays a pivotal role in crafting high-strength, lightweight components. Hot stamping with Gas Springs, fortified by the innovative HDP Covers, addresses the challenges posed by the harsh environment. By ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of Gas Springs, KALLER contributes to the seamless and efficient operation of hot stamping processes, furthering the industry’s goals of lightweighting, safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable production.

Kaller UK