KMF Precision Sheet Metal is one of the largest sheet metal fabrication companies in the UK. The firm’s industry-leading equipment allows for parts to be laser cut, punched, machined, formed and finished with ultimate accuracy and speed. The world-class facility which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is managed by Production Manager, Chris Meyrick and Night Shift Production Manager, Craig Evans.

Craig and Chris both play a key role in overseeing and optimising various aspects of the production line at KMF. This is vital to ensure the facility runs efficiently, cost-effectively and in line with quality and safety standards. Bridging the gap between different departments, they ensure that products are manufactured and delivered on time to meet customer expectations.

Dedicating 27 years to KMF Group, Chris Meyrick started off his journey as a Team Leader. After spending 17 years as a Shift Manager, he obtained his current position as Production Manager. His responsibilities include supervising the workforce (including a team of 21 apprentices), production planning, overseeing the entire production process and addressing any issues that arise.

Chris commented: “Ultimately, I’m responsible for the day-to-day running of the factory. My role is vital to ensure that the night shift workers have everything they require to be able to start work when they arrive.”

Myself and Craig are the glue that keeps everything together. We have a high level of communication between shift workers and different departments. This ensures that everything is completed and adheres to the strict requirements of our customers.”

Starting his position as Night Shift Production Manager in July 2023, Craig Evans has devoted 19 years to KMF Group. Prior to his current role, Craig was an Assistant Manager for six years where he learnt the ins and outs of the production line.

Responsible for managing the night shift team, Craig also oversees four team leaders who report to him. He plays a crucial role in production, including overseeing inventory and staffing levels as well as allocating resources, such as labour, materials and time efficiently.

“Before I became the Night Shift Production Manager, I was responsible for manning different areas of the production line. This experience is now immensely valuable in my current role where I’m responsible for overseeing operations. My experience means that I have a deep understanding of how the facility works day to day.”

My knowledge and expertise are vital to support the wider team. As the Night Shift Production Manager, the book stops with me which means I am the sole contact for support. I must stay up to date with all issues and lead by example.”

“We’re really lucky to have access to the best equipment on the market. The company’s continual investment in automated technology has allowed us to streamline operations and produce parts as efficiently as possible. I am proud to work for a company that is as innovative and ambitious as KMF Group.”

Led by a team of dedicated expert engineers, KMF Group delivers proficient and reliable sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing services. The extensive capabilities include CAD design, CNC punching, laser cutting, welding, product assembly and more.

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