Pemamek launches PEMA Skycoil: Revolutionary induction preheater for offshore wind tower and foundation manufacturers.

Pemamek, a global leader in welding automation technology, has introduced the PEMA Skycoil, an induction preheater designed for offshore wind foundations and tower manufacturing. The new product is set to redefine the heating process in terms of energy efficiency, heating performance, and operational safety.

Developed in collaboration with the global green tech company, ENRX, the PEMA Skycoil represents a new milestone in inductive preheating technology, offering unmatched precision and efficiency. Its curve-shaped design allows for high heating performance, making it ideal for heavy tubular workpieces with diameters of up to 15 meters (49 feet).

“From the initial invention of the Skycoil to the current market-ready product, it has been a pleasure to work together. This is how a partnership is meant to work and provide the best solutions to the end customers,” commented Vernon Perkins, Global Sales Director OEMs at ERNX. “The process has employed many of the ENRX expert resources in sales support, R&D, and engineering working hand in hand with Pemamek’s experts to create the optimum solution.”

Designed to heat materials up to 160mm (6.3 inches) thick, commonly used in wind tower monopiles, this preheater stands as the most energy-efficient solution in its class. In comparison to natural gas, induction heating could save up to 188 MWh in the assembly of a single monopile, emphasizing its sustainability and cost-saving benefits.

“The offshore tower and foundation industry is encountering increasing demand for larger structures. Pre-heating is essential in welding such heavy components. Pemamek, in collaboration with our partner ENRX, has integrated induction heating systems into our machines some time ago. Now, we aim to develop and market something new: a solution that enables even existing fabricators who do not use Pemamek machines to replace energy-inefficient gas burners with induction technology,” summarized Pemamek’s Technology DirectorTeemu Tolonen.

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