BIHLER recently introduced its new and novel LM 2000 platform. This modular machine platform with a total machining length of 2,000mm offers an array of new manufacturing dimensions using highly standardised linear tool technology.

The LM 2000 platform is the latest addition to Bihler’s portfolio of stamping and forming machines.
The machine platform is available in two variants, the LM 2000-KT and the LM 2000-NC. These two
machines are state-of-the-art, linear machine tools that use cams or servo units in the production of
stamped and formed parts from strip material. The LM 2000-KT is designed for use in medium- and
large-size batches with only little variants, while the LM 2000-NC is intended for use in small- and
medium-sized batches with a high variant diversity.

Plug & Produce

Where classic mechanical stamping and forming machines are limited to the use of only individual
tools, the LM 2000-KT and the LM 2000-NC are fully tool-compatible with standard linear tools – such
as LEANTOOL Linear – or with parts from LEANTOOL Linear, or with the user’s linear tool standard.
This standardization capability will benefit manufacturers who, for example, are producing mediumsized quantities of a job on the GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machine, but who now have to
deliver higher volumes. In accordance with the ‘plug & produce’ concept, the manufacturers can
simply transfer their stamping and forming tool – one-to-one – to the LM 2000-KT and can then
immediately continue production. Standard interfaces, along with quick tool-clamping capabilities,
guarantee rapid and safe setup, with 100% reproducible results. The linear machine then convinces
with cycle rates up to 500 1/min.

Compact Machine Body

The LM 2000-KT and the LM 2000-NC are designed to offer the widest range of applications and the
maximum in performance capability in stamping, forming, and coining, while using only the simplest
and most essential basic machine configuration. The integral design of the compact machine body
contains the infeed module; the press module; three forming modules (either cam-controlled, or
servo-controlled); and two central mandrels. The machine body also contains the electrical hardware
for the machine, the drive elements, and the VC 1 control system. If needed, the LM 2000-KT and the
LM 2000-NC can also be expanded to add up to five forming modules, or to add welding, thread
forming, and screw joining processes.

High process reliability

For added value, corresponding process modules can be seamlessly integrated into the basic
machines, and into the production sequence. Meusburger standard cutting frames, type SBH 400 and
SBP 400, can be used in the standardized press installation space. Sensors that are integrated into all
machine and processing components not only ensure consistently high process reliability but offer
the possibility of predictive maintenance. Besides all machining units are connected to a circulating
oil lubrication system for greatest reliability, and the use of direct drives provides manufacturers with
the benefit of more energy-efficient parts production.