Coldsaws are essential tools for numerous businesses needing clean, burr-free cuts on various metals. They are widely used in general fabrication and machine shops, as well as in structural steel fabrication, HVAC, automotive repair, and shipbuilding. Coldsaws offer a dependable and efficient method for cutting different solid and hollow metal sections. 

Tips and tricks for improving your coldsaw’s performance 

Choosing the right coldsaw 

Consider the type and size of metal you’ll be cutting most frequently. DIMAKIN offers a range of models in the coldsaw range to suit varied needs. From small to large capacity, and even variable speed models for ultimate versatility. 

Blade selection is key 

It’s important to consider the blade tooth count is suited to the material you’re cutting. For example, if you use too fine a blade for a soft material, the blade’s gullets will quickly clog, eliminating your machine’s ability to cut effectively. Choosing the optimal blade for your application is important in ensuring clean cuts and maximising blade life. 

Optimise cutting speed 

If you’re likely to cut multiple materials or profiles over the lifetime of your machine, it might be worth considering a coldsaw with the ability to vary speeds. Machines such as the CS-350-DM are ideal with their speed inverter dial, allowing infinite adjustment between 24 and 120 revolutions per minute. 

Coolant is Your Friend 

You should always use the coolant system during operation. It lubricates the blade, reduces heat build-up, improves cut quality, and extends blade life. Remember to maintain proper coolant levels! 

Material Securement 

One of the most important factors in cutting is clamping. If you cannot secure your material tightly, no blade will ever be able to achieve a good quality cut. Ensure your material is firmly secured in the vice to prevent movement during the cut. This not only improves cut quality but also enhances safety. 

Sharpening and Maintenance 

One of the key benefits to a coldsaw is the ability to resharpen the blades rather than dispose of them like you would a dull bandsaw blade. Regular blade sharpening ensures optimal cutting performance. DIMAKIN not only offer brand new blades, but a blade resharpening service tool. 

Keep it Clean 

Not only is it good practice to keep a clean workshop for safety as a whole, it is important to maintain a clean a clean work area in and around the coldsaw for cut quality. Regularly remove metal chips and debris to prevent them from hindering the cutting process or damaging the saw.