C&C Fabrications, work with clients from a wide variety of industries. Their industry-leading fabrication work can be transferred to almost any market, and this latest case study is evidence of that.

The company have recently been working with Anthropods to create their brilliant pods that bring a new perspective to glamping and temporary accommodation. Their unique and innovative pods are stylish and flexible, with them being able to be set up anywhere outside.

What are Anthropods?

Designed by CEO Rik Currie, the pods were built to suit a range of markets and push the boundaries of what temporary dwellings could be.

Their main function is to be a new type of innovative and flexible living space, Anthropods can be used as temporary accommodation as well as provide a luxury, glamping experience. Their stylish and modern exterior is carried on in the interior of the pod and is also spacious and has a host of adaptable features, making them the perfect choice for hotels, work from home offices, wedding venues and glamping.

The Anthropod’s leg design further adds to its adaptability, meaning they can be located on uneven ground, raked hillsides and up to five metres in the air.

C&C Fabrications team of fabricator experts were able to assist in the manufacture of these Anthropods by producing all of the metalwork for the pods. This included fabricating and cutting the required metal that were then assembled to form the different parts of the Anthropods.

The pods are high-quality luxury items, meaning we used the best quality steel to match this. Our highly skilled fabricators ensured the best methods were used when manufacturing the metalwork to also ensure the metal was fabricated to the highest standard.

One value of Anthropods are that they are built to last, with an anticipated lifespan of 25 years plus. Using the correct steel to allow this durability, we produced the end fabricated products that formed the structure of the pods and guaranteed that extended lifespan.

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