With National Apprenticeship Week 2023 underway, Make UK is shining the spotlight on the value of apprenticeships in manufacturing and engineering while highlighting the need to reform the apprenticeship funding system to deliver more of these valuable opportunities:

  1. More than half of manufacturers intend to recruit at least one apprentice in the next 12 months and have increased their investment in training in the last two years.
  2. Around 6 in 10 manufacturers recruit apprentices between the ages of 16 and 18, bringing through the next generation of talent.
  3. 58% of manufacturers recruit apprentices at level 2, showing the role of apprenticeships as an ideal entry route for young people into the sector to build and progress their future career.
  4. Engineering and manufacturing apprenticeships are growing at a faster rate (24% increase in starts between 2020/21 and 2021/22) than a majority of other subjects and sectors.
  5. Two-thirds of manufacturers believe that apprenticeships are the best way to bring in the green skills they need to operate more sustainably and achieve their net zero ambitions.

Commenting on National Apprenticeship Week, Jamie Cater, Senior Policy Manager at Make UK said:

“Manufacturers of all sizes across the country are continuing to invest in apprenticeships. They offer high-quality, high-value training for the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent, and are vital for equipping the workforce with the technical, digital and green skills it needs for the sector to thrive in the future.  Yet, manufacturers still struggle to attract enough young people to take up these invaluable opportunities. It’s crucial that we use this week to shout from the rooftops about these credible and often lucrative career pathways.

“It is also the time to be honest about the apprenticeship system,  which as a whole still needs further improvement to work better for businesses. To unlock greater investment in apprenticeships and help to address ongoing skills and labour shortages, the Government should reform the apprenticeship levy to better meet employers’ needs and target funding at current and future skills shortages.”

Make UK