Experienced quality engineer, Andy Ball recently completed an 18-month course with Clear Quality and gained Quality Practitioner Level 4 status. Delivered through a mixture of online, classroom and workshop-based training, the course gave Andy a much deeper understanding of quality management systems and processes.

Reflecting on the course, Andy commented, ‘It’s been really valuable and enjoyable, and I now have a greater appreciation of why processes are in place within our systems. I was a little apprehensive about the course at first, but it was fine once I’d got to grips with it.’

Andy’s final project focused on the cost of poor quality and looked at previously unrecorded factors such as additional transport costs and actual rework costs. ‘We wanted to show that getting the product right first time not only satisfies our customer demands but is much more cost effective. Reducing the cost of quality of one of the company’s overall aims’

Great work and congratulations!

Advanced Engineering Techniques Ltd