The Laser Cutting Co understands the importance of efficient manufacturing and has mastered the art of simplifying the process. With over 40 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services that cover everything from design to assembly; simplifying the manufacturing process and optimising downstream operations, resulting in an easy and orderly service for our customers.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting: Precision and Speed

One of our core services is sheet metal laser cutting. Its high-capacity production facility in Sheffield boasts 24-hour lights-out production for efficient manufacturing, ensuring rapid lead times for even the most substantial projects. It has two dedicated flatbed laser cutting machines capable of handling sheet metal sizes up to 2500mm x 6000mm and up to 50mm thick. Its cutting-edge technology includes 10kW and up to 20kW solid-state fibre lasers, guaranteeing exceptional cutting quality and reducing pre-weld preparation.

Leaders In Efficient Manufacturing: How The Laser Cutting Co. Simplifies the Manufacturing Process - The Laser Cutting Company

Its CNC laser cutting technology ensures absolute accuracy, allowing for intricate cutting and fine contouring across a range of metals, from thin to thick mild steel. Another aspect that sets The Laser Cutting Co. apart is our ability to produce chamfers and countersinks in a single pass, eliminating additional process steps. Tighter nesting further enhances our cost-effective laser cutting sheet metal service, and with ISO9001 and BS/EN 1090-1 accreditation, clients can rely on the quality and precision of our work.

Tube Laser Cutting: Opening New Design Possibilities

Its industry-leading tube laser cutting services, otherwise known as 3D cutting, set it apart from the competition. This service reduces material costs, increases downstream operations productivity, and is one of the many reasons why we are a leader in efficient manufacturing. Its multi-axis tube lasers open up new design possibilities and optimised parts for manufacturing. Notably, its investment in the TruLaser Tube 7000 Fibre Machine has doubled its tube laser cutting capacity, offering unrivalled lead times and competitive pricing.

The ability to reduce materials and processes, such as welding, through 3D laser tube cutting is revolutionising manufacturing. With Average cost reduction hovering around 50%, with 85% cost reductions being common. Its in-house design team can fully optimise part design for efficient manufacturing and downstream operations assembly, maximising efficiency.

Smart Design Production: Reducing Complexity

Offering the best in laser cutting technology, the company understands that design plays a crucial role in simplifying the manufacturing process. Its in-house design team takes a systematic approach to part optimisation and considers everything from material waste to reduced handling and assembly processes to enhance downstream operations. This results in an average of 50% cost savings for our customers.

Smart Design Production includes various features like self-jigging parts, part folds, slot and tag elements, and flow drilling. Self-jigging parts reduce the margin for error during assembly and eliminate the need for additional fixtures. Part folds reduce welding requirements and material waste, speeding up assembly, slot and tag features circumvent the need for additional fixturing, and flow drilling simplifies the welding and assembly process by providing precise holes.

Leaders In Efficient Manufacturing: How The Laser Cutting Co. Simplifies the Manufacturing Process - The Laser Cutting Company

A One-Stop Profiling Shop

Beyond its leading laser cutting technology, the company also offers a range of additional profiling and cutting services to simplify the manufacturing process even further. Our services include press braking/bending, bevel waterjet cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting, shot blasting, and much more. These services offer unrivalled accuracy, efficiency, and versatility, catering to a wide range of efficient manufacturing needs.

Whether you need sheet metal laser cutting, tube laser cutting, or a range of additional services, we have you covered, ensuring your manufacturing process and downstream operations are optimised and efficient.

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