L W Jenkins Ltd are fully equipped to work in a range of metals including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys. They have a reputation for reliability, quality and competitiveness within the sheet metal fabrication industry. Their friendly but professional service has helped build up a large customer base, mainly within the electronics industry, whilst their ability to meet tight delivery times has allowed them to attract new business. They pride themselves on being cost effective, enthusiastic, reliable and professional. Their continual investment in the latest technology keeps them at the forefront of sheet metal fabrication.

One of their most recent acquisitions is an Amada laser which is linked to off-line CAD/CAM systems accepting DXF/DWG programs. Programming can be undertaken from drawings, sketches or artwork to suit the customer’s needs. The laser produces sophisticated components to any design. They can produce prototypes as well as undertaking small to large batch work. In addition they can do MIG and TIG welding on carbon steels, stainless steels and aluminium.

L W Jenkins have the capability to offer through sub contractors of finishing parts to powder coating, shot blast, epoxy paint, bright zinc / colour passivate, chrome plate or anodising.

L W Jenkins Ltd’ relationship with MIE Solutions UK goes back to Metalsoft time where they used Fabriwin from where MIETrak was designed and developed. They have newly acquired MIETrak Pro to support their growth and success of recent years and to ensure continual efficiency.

For MIE Solutions we know and appreciate that our best selling tool are our customers, and L W Jenkins are no exception. We value our presence within the market place and the diversity of customers we are able to facilitate, through this we are able to develop our software according to each customer/sector.

You may not need our complete package immediately, but as you expand you will and it’s all there ready and waiting. So even if you are small or large company MRP production control software is essential and can be used as an entire product or modular. Even if scheduling is all you need or shop floor data capture, or inventory. MIETrak Pro is for you.

Dave Heinrich from L W Jenkins Ltd

“It was essential for us to update our MRP software as we began to expand and progress within our industry and with that came the additional demands of the manufacturing sector. For us to remain competitive and establish returned customers and continual customer satisfaction, it was essential for us to ensure that our processes were efficient, reliable, and profitable as well as ensuring that we remained competitive.

We were already familiar with Metalsoft and now MIE Solutions UK, so for us the progression to MIETrak Pro was an obvious and natural one.

We have always found the staff professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful on all issues raised and all changes that we have had to embark on over the years. This product is excellent, excelling in all qualities a MRP system should have. MIETrak Pro should be your new/next/updated MRP system. I can honestly say you will regret it if you don’t!

MIE Solutions

L W Jenkins Ltd