Signalling a major step forward for its ambitious growth plans, KMF has invested £200,000 in two new pieces of welding and material handling equipment.

The first piece of revolutionary hardware is a Taylor Studwelding machine, a two-axis CNC stud welding system, expected to help increase the manufacturing throughput. The investment was undertaken to help boost consistency in welding output with shorter timeframes.

With programmable welding routines, the machinery will help mitigate any risk of human error in the welding process.

KMF has also invested in a large-scale KBK Lifting System, a bespoke material handling product, which allows the metal manufacturer to safely handle components of up to 250kg.

This is a new automated avenue for KMF which will aid with the lifting of products they currently manufacture and manoeuvring parts from the welding bay. It also gives an increased capacity to venture out into more projects with extremely large parts. The machinery will ensure safer loading processes and increased welfare of staff, causing the output of these projects to be maximised.

On the new technology, Head of Business Development Adam Ellis said: “Both new machinery installations will facilitate an improvement in intricate and scaled-up projects.

“Increasing production potential, the addition of the state-of-the-art equipment is expected to improve accuracy and, as a result, the product quality. We expect that these integrations will increase the profitability of our processes.”

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