Dayton Progress sets new standards in workplace safety and efficiency in workshops and factories with its innovative die storage blocks. These specially designed storage blocks are the ideal solution for companies looking to make their workplaces safer and more productive.

Die Storage Blocks: Simple and Safe to Use

Dayton Progress’s die storage blocks offer a safe and easy way to handle the storage of heavy dies. Thanks to their strong, spring-loaded handles, the blocks can be quickly and securely attached to castings or base plates. This not only facilitates the storage, setup, and maintenance of dies but also increases productivity and safety in the workplace. The bright yellow colour of the blocks makes them highly visible, helping to prevent accidents.

Efficient and Safe Die Storage

Traditional methods of die storage pose significant risks to employees. Workers often have to reach under dies to position or move wooden blocks, increasing the risk of accidents. Dayton Progress’s die storage blocks virtually eliminate this danger. The blocks are placed above the dies, keeping hands and feet out of the danger zone. This significantly reduces the risk of crushing injuries.

Technical Specifications

Dayton Progress’s die storage blocks are characterised by their high load capacity and durability. Each block can bear a maximum load of 30 tons and is designed for use under the harshest conditions. With their powder coating in a highly visible yellow colour, the die storage blocks not only provide safety but also ensure a long service life in demanding conditions. The innovative blocks keep dies 75 millimetre off the ground, drastically reducing the accumulation of dirt and metal shavings and eliminating the need for cleaning under the dies.