When it comes to metal fabrication machinery, Workshop Press can supply your premises with everything it needs. Manufacturers understandably use a wide range of machinery to manipulate and form materials into finished products – and one piece of machinery commonly used in a hydraulic punch press. Punch press machines are used to cut a piece of metal if it is too hard to cut manually. Large, and heavy-duty, it can cut through hard materials easily and leaves behind holes in the same shape as the die within the punch press.


A hydraulic punch press is a type of metalworking machine that has a hydraulic-powered ram at the top. Typically, it has a workstation that sits at the front of the machine. This allows the user to operate the machine from there. The user engages the ram, the material is compressed against a stationary die. As a result of this compression, the machine creates a hole in the workpiece. As well as a new item out of the workpiece. Both of which will be the same shape as the die.

Punch presses are ideal for mass-producing small items as they can create uniform shapes out of the raw material. Even if you are able to manually punch holes through the metal, a hydraulic punch press will make the process much faster and efficient.


Die sets are the most important part of the hydraulic press machine. The punch press relies on the die sets to perform the operation. In die sets, there are both “female” and “male” dies. One of these will be placed above the workpiece, the other underneath. The hydraulic power creates a hole in the material by driving the punch operation through the die.


Some metal fabricators will use manually operated punch presses, whilst others use CNC-controlled punch presses. CNC punch press machines are semi-automated and use computer numerical control to streamline operations. Rather than someone manually operating the punch press, the CNC technology allows you to program the machine to run automatically.


Workshop Press are dedicated to supplying manufacturers and other businesses with high-quality metal fabrication machinery including hydraulic punch press machines. Take pride in offering a service that goes above and beyond.

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