Market and customer requirements are changing rapidly. Digital transformation is helping to master the tasks ahead efficiently. With Bihler’s intelligent automation solutions and smart digital services users can fully exploit the potential in their production.

Digitalisation is gaining more and more momentum. The focus is on the digital networking of products, machines, people and processes and thus on cross-system data availability in real time. In order to provide its customers with the best possible support for all these requirements, Bihler is combining the real world of stamping and forming technology with the digital world. With “Bihler Digital” and its digital services for the three areas of engineering, production and training/support, Bihler is setting the course for faster development, more productive manufacturing and saving valuable resources. 

The “Bihler Digital App” is plug & play and ready for immediate use without any programming effort.

Plan and create processes more efficiently

In the “Engineering” area, users achieve greater transparency and efficiency right from the planning and creation of stamping and forming processes. The free Bihlerplanning WebApp offers valuable support in component planning and quotation creation as well as in the design of radial and linear tools. Users then save valuable time and money when realising their precision parts with the bNX design software. The new version contains numerous improvements and new developments. The main focus is on the kinematics module. Here, the engineering tools are now directly linked to the function block diagram. This increases user-friendliness and efficiency during project creation.

In addition, users can now rent the bNX software for a period of 12 to 36 months at attractive prices. The rental period can be extended at any time in order to react flexibly to market changes. And as a further service in the field of engineering, the Bihler experts commission all high-tech manufacturing solutions virtually in advance using digital twins. Virtual commissioning provides valuable insights throughout the entire life cycle. All of this enables the optimal configuration of the machine, increases the quality of the software and ensures rapid real commissioning and optimisation of the production system.

With “Bihler Digital”, Bihler connects the real world of stamping and forming technology with the digital world.

Optimising production

In the “Production” area, users can use the modular “Bihler Digital App” to fully exploit optimisation potential on their machine – all for more production time, higher productivity and increased resource efficiency. The “Dashboard” module gives users a quick overview of the status of their machines in real time. In the “Order management” module, users can easily complete the entire order management process at their desk and digitally into production.

With the “Analysis” module, data can be specifically filtered out of the machines, individually processed and trend statistics created. And with the “Offline VC 1” module, users can program new tools while the machine is running and parameterise existing tools offline on an office computer. The “Bihler Digital App” is plug & play and ready for immediate operation without any programming effort.

Shorter induction period

In the “Training/Support” area, users can use the “Animation” module of the Bihler Digital App to shorten the training period for their employees. The digital module is used for targeted preparation for the real production process. It allows the visualization and animation of complete production systems as well as individual assemblies or tools without additional software – simply on the iPhone or tablet. And the “Offline VC 1” module is used in the second mode for offline operation of tool programs and control functions of the VC 1 control system. The advantages: training can take place at fixed times independently of production at the PC workstation. This means that ongoing work processes are not impaired and the training time is significantly reduced thanks to the quiet atmosphere.