At KMF Group, the passionate team go above and beyond to assist its long-standing customer base. Managing 50-plus customers per month, with a value of over £3 million, Kathy Durcan, Melanie Evans, Allison Catterall, Jacqueline Fouldes, Dianne Pilling and Melissa Walker all have a crucial role to play within the customer service department.

Business Relationship Manager, Kathy Durcan started her journey at KMF 25 years ago, observing the business grow from £5 million to over £35 million in turnover. Her role is vital in helping establish and maintain strong relationships with KMF Group’s customer base. Acting as a bridge between the customer and the production team, Kathy’s previous experience managing customer accounts and working in sales provides her with a deep understanding of KMF’s operations.

Kathy commented: “I play a crucial role in managing and nurturing the relationships between our customers, suppliers and partners.

“Day to day my duties include facilitating meetings, ensuring the needs of our customers are met, reviewing delivery performance and putting together strategic proposals.”

Also dedicating 25 years to KMF Group, Team Leader, Melanie Evans heads the customer service team. Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the department, Melanie ensures that her team delivers high-quality service to its customers. Her responsibilities include providing guidance to team members, organising training sessions, managing customer accounts and acting as a liaison between other departments.

Speaking about the evolution of her role at KMF Group, Melanie said: “My previous experience working In the sales department and on the shop floor means that I have a high level of expertise and my team can rely on me for guidance and answers.

“I love speaking to people face-to-face which is key in my position. I’ve built strong relationships with our customers, some of which I have worked with for over 18 years.” Reflecting on her performance, Melanie added: ” I’ve grown in confidence and the role has become second nature to me.”

Customer Service Coordinator, Allison Catterall has collected an abundance of experience during her 22 years of service at KMF Group. She is responsible for overseeing and organising customer service activities, streamlining ordering processes and ensuring that customer needs are met.

Having previously worked in manufacturing and gaining experience in different departments at KMF, she is an asset to the team. Allison said: “I know the ins and outs of the many departments at KMF Group. I have a high level of manufacturing expertise and knowledge of the parts that KMF produce which is beneficial to my customers, especially on the assembly side.

“My favourite part about working at KMF Group is the camaraderie that we have as a team. It truly is a family-like atmosphere.”

Commercial and Logistics Administrator, Jacqueline Fouldes plays a crucial role in ensuring that KMF Group’s supply chain and delivery operations run smoothly. Her day-to-day duties include monitoring shipments, coordinating with suppliers, managing export documentation and invoices as well communicating closely with the dispatch team.

Jacqueline commented: “It’s my job to ensure that all parts are delivered and meet the customer’s requirements. I have worked at KMF Group for over 19 years so I have a strong understanding of the industry standards, trade regulations and how to resolve delivery-related queries.”

The face of KMF Group, Receptionist, Dianne Pilling meets and greets all visitors, handles enquiries and provides administrative support to the wider team. As the first point of contact for visitors, Dianne ensures that all customers and clients have a positive first impression. After working at the firm for six years and getting over 12 years of experience as a receptionist, she’s an expert in making people feel welcome and at ease.

“Talking to people is what I do best so i’m very passionate about my role. No matter who enters the building, it’s my job to make them feel important,” Dianne said.

The newest member of the team, Melissa Walker is currently training to be a customer service coordinator. Previously working in a customer-facing role as a hairdresser, her role at KMF Group has pushed her outside of her comfort zone and allowed her to gain new skills. Her duties include liaising with customers, booking orders and currently, refining her relationship-building skills.

Melissa commented: “I’m a people person, so I enjoy talking to customers. I hope to progress in my position by gaining a deeper level of manufacturing knowledge and growing in confidence.”

The customer service team are indispensable to the seamless operations of KMF Group. By prioritising customer satisfaction, the firm has built a loyal customer base and achieved sustainable growth.

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