As we approach December 12th, 2023, it’s with great pride and gratitude that we at Birmingham Specialities, a subsidiary of the global industrial group Indutrade, prepare to mark a significant milestone – our centenary. Since our establishment in 1923, we’ve grown to become an integral part of the UK manufacturing industry, offering specialised solutions that have become indispensable to our clients in the UK and Europe.

This impending celebration holds special significance for us, and we are honoured by the enduring success of Birmingham Specialities under the umbrella of our parent company, Indutrade. Our journey over the last century has been defined by resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

At the core of this milestone is our deep appreciation for our dedicated team, loyal customers, and steadfast suppliers who have played pivotal roles in our success. We extend our sincere gratitude to our staff, whose commitment and hard work have been instrumental in shaping our legacy. The unwavering support of our customers and suppliers has been a cornerstone, fostering collaboration and driving the innovation that defines Birmingham Specialities.

Commercial Manager, Russell Willis:

“Immensely proud to have been a part of the Birmingham Spec journey, hard to believe I’ve been part of almost a quarter of it!”

As we reflect on a century of accomplishments, we acknowledge the invaluable contributions of all those who have been part of our journey. We look ahead to the future with a renewed commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustained partnerships. Our centennial celebration is not just a marker of time but a testament to Birmingham Specialities’ enduring presence and our dedication to providing exceptional products and services to the UK manufacturing industry in the UK and Europe.

Managing Director, Scott Mawby,

“As I approach my 5th year here at Birmingham Specialities I am thrilled to mark the journey as we celebrate a century of excellence! Proud to contribute to a legacy of innovation and dedication. Here’s to the incredible team, past and present, that has shaped this remarkable journey. Looking forward to the next chapter of success and growth.”

Birmingham Specialities Ltd