Stainless steel is a versatile material used in various industries, but can it be powdercoated? In a word, yes. Read on to find out more…


Renowned for its durability, corrosion resistance, and sleek aesthetic, stainless steel is suitable for a range of automotive applications, including exhaust and suspension systems.

Unlike ferrous metals that require priming to prevent rust, stainless steel naturally forms a chromium oxide layer on its surface, acting as a protective barrier against corrosion.


Due to its corrosion resistance, stainless steel is an excellent candidate for powdercoating.

Powdercoating is a dry finishing process where electrostatically charged powder is applied to a metal surface and then cured under heat, provides a durable, uniform, and attractive finish

Thanks to its chromium oxide layer, stainless steel provides an effective surface for the adherence of the powder, ensuring a long-lasting finish.

However, there are several considerations to bear in mind when powdercoating stainless steel:


To achieve proper adhesion between the powdercoating and stainless steel, the surface requires careful preparation.

Unlike other metals, stainless steel has a nonporous, low surface energy that may hinder adhesion.

Therefore, thorough cleaning and etching processes are essential to promote adhesion and ensure the longevity of the powder-coated finish.


Selecting the appropriate powder coating formulation is crucial for achieving optimal results on stainless steel.

Epoxy-based powders are commonly used for their excellent adhesion properties, while polyester and hybrid powders offer enhanced durability and weather resistance.

Additionally, special powder coatings with high-temperature resistance are available for applications subjected to elevated temperatures, such as exhaust systems or industrial equipment.


When stainless steel is powdercoated there is potential for discoloration or yellowing during the curing process. Known as “stainless steel contamination,” it occurs when chromium in the stainless steel reacts with certain curing agents in the powder coating.

To mitigate this risk, manufacturers may use low-cure or specially formulated powders designed to prevent discoloration while maintaining adhesion and durability.


Powdercoating offers a durable, attractive finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal and performance of stainless steel products.

ADM offers Epoxy and “dust on dust” powdercoating systems, allowing us to provide clients with stainless steel assembly and component products that are fully painted and ready to go.

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