Babcock International is pleased to announce the launch of the Babcock Skills Academy, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of its expanding workforce and ensuring they are well-prepared to tackle the evolving challenges that customers will encounter in the future.

The Skills Academy employs a hybrid teaching approach that combines state-of-the-art digital resources with hands-on training, enabling rapid readiness among employees to provide the essential capabilities required by customers. This opportunity is available to both current staff members and new hires. The Skills Academy operates in collaboration with local educational institutions and serves as a valuable addition to the company’s acclaimed early careers initiatives.

Commencing initially at the Devonport facility, the academy will focus on submarine support and critical nuclear skills. The training facilities at the Skills Academy facilitate the acquisition of intricate skills necessary for performing in-depth maintenance on submarines.

To emphasize our dedication to furnishing our workforce with training for intricate and mission-critical tasks, the Skills Academy anticipates accommodating more than 2,000 individuals during its initial three years and an additional 10,000 over the subsequent five years. By concentrating on targeted learning, the Skills Academy aims to expedite the time required to achieve competence, surpassing traditional training methods by up to 67% in some instances.

Dominic Kieran, Chief Executive of Babcock’s Nuclear Sector, commented, “Our ambitious, contemporary, and collaborative Skills Academy will deliver augmented capability in the present and the future, contributing to enhanced submarine availability. This endeavor equips our Royal Navy client with the resources they need to fulfill their duties in safeguarding our nation.”

Kieran added, “With the UK’s largest nuclear-qualified workforce and our extensive experience in supporting the submarine lifecycle, we possess a unique position to incorporate this substantial expertise into our training programs. This allows us to deliver the required talent pipeline today and in the years ahead.”

“The Babcock Skills Academy is more than a mere training solution; it signifies our commitment to our workforce, our sector, and our customers. Their mission becomes our mission.”

Babcock International