With the aid of AP&T Remote Guidance Support, a customer’s technician can easily connect to AP&T’s technical support, visually show a problem and receive professional guidance along the way.

“We are constantly developing our offer to provide our customers with the best, most efficient support. In our latest service, Remote Guidance Support, we include an Android-based headset with a camera, microphone, monitor and headphones that the customer’s operator or technician can use to show us what they need help with. When both parties see the same thing, it’s easier to clear up issues, make a diagnosis and determine what needs to be done. Simple issues can usually be managed by the customer’s personnel with our help, saving time and money,” says Mats Kinnby, Head of Global Technical Support at AP&T.

The headset works much like a smartphone. It communicates through Wi-Fi or the mobile network and the user connects to AP&T’s support through Teams or the like. Why not just use a mobile phone then?

“The headset allows the user to keep both hands free which is good if you need to move things out of the way or point out a particular spot. Another plus is that it is equipped with an anti-vibration stabilizer so we don’t need to look at shaky camera images. And thanks to the monitor that’s included in the headset, we can show drawings, images and written instructions to the technician who’s standing beside the machine,” says Kinnby.

AP&T Remote Guidance Support is a selectable additional service for customers with AP&T technical support availability agreements.

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