Chinese market leader for hydropower generators orders system with coil line, feeder, press, discharge shovel and blank destacker

At the end of 2023, Harbin Electric Machinery Company, China’s market leader for hydropower generators, has ordered a complete stamping line for electric motor laminations from Schuler. The system comprises of a coil line, coil feeder, 630 metric ton press, discharge shovel and blank destacker as well as a scrap conveyor. The final acceptance is scheduled for May 2025.

Overall, this will be the third Schuler stamping line for Harbin Electric. The first one including a 500 metric ton press was delivered as early as 1986, the second one with a 400 metric ton press followed in 2009. Both lines are still operating. The latest investment was made not only because of an expanded production capacity, but also because of the company’s move into smart manufacturing and the resulting need of high-technology equipment.

Harbin Electric was founded in June 1951 and produces large and medium type power generating equipment in China and 51 further countries. The main business scope covers the design, manufacture, supervision, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, upgrade and retrofit. The company has benefited from the “One Belt and One Road” as well as the “Made in China 2025” strategy, and established cooperative relationships with enterprises like GE America, Alston France, ABB Canada, ANDRITZ Austria, and Hitachi Japan. At present, the largest hydro power generating unit supplied in terms of unit capacity is 800 MW. Another hydro power generating unit with unit capacity of 1,000 MW is under production.