With thousands of HF type press brakes installed throughout Europe, AMADA is bringing higher accuracy with the new auto crowning device and enhanced flexibility to its mid-range line-up for the first time. Previously only available on high-end press brakes such as the AMADA HG, the new HRB Auto Crowning mid-range model responds directly to AMADA’s customer demand. 

AMADA’s HRB Auto Crowning press brake features a new system, compensating for deflections in the upper and lower beam when pressure is applied, to boost precision for users, and an extended open height of 520mm and stroke of 250mm for all the standard stroke models. The new auto crowning device is CNC controlled through the AMNC 3i control in conjunction with the DigiPro digital protractor device, for an easy and effective process, even for non-skilled operators.

The new auto crowning device brings many advantages to all customers who need higher accuracy in addition to a stable and reliable bending process. Production of kitchen equipment, furniture, electronics, and assembly components are just some examples of parts which can directly benefits from these new features. 

The AMADA HRB Auto Crowning machine can also be equipped with an optional automatic sliding foot pedal. When a program has several bending stations along the beam, there is no longer any need to keep moving the foot pedal manually. It is not uncommon for some press brake operators to move the foot pedal 100 times a day, which over a year equates to a lot of wasted time. AMADA’s sliding foot pedal allows automatic movement, boosting productivity.

The machine is available through a wide range of sizes, from 50 tonnes 2 metres up to 220 tonnes 4 metres, including the long stroke versions, which increase the open height from 520mm to 620mm.

Notable retrofittable options available to customers include the AMADA Bi system for in-cycle angle measurement and adjustment. Adopting this solution helps to ensure the elimination of scrap parts, a feature that is particularly useful for companies processing small batches or expensive materials. The AMADA HRB Auto Crowning machine can also be equipped with one or two sheet followers. This device has a payload of 75Kg per arm and is particularly useful in case of large and heavy parts, to support the daily work of the operator, increasing the safety of the whole process.

The AMNC 3i large touchscreen 3D control includes a number of innovative features, including the new ‘Lite’ mode. In effect, Lite mode offers simplification of the HMI, in turn making management of the control quicker and simplifying the introduction of new employees.

The new HRB Auto Crowning press brake is already available for demonstration at AMADA subsidiaries throughout Europe.

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