Alpha Rail Limited have been involved with the design, metal manufacture, supply and installation of an armed forces tribute gate in Solihull. In late 2020 Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council were in contact with the Royal British Legion as they were working on a therapeutic community habitats initiative in a public park in Solihull. They wanted the project to include an Armed Forces Community Garden for veteran soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder that included a tribute decorative archway, therefore they were in contact with the British Legion to get the archway funded by them.

Project Brief

Solihull Council’s aim was to create an armed forces community garden for a memorial of veteran soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder. Alpha Rail became involved because Solihull Council contacted us regarding a quote for a decorative archway at the entrance of the park, they knew of Alpha Rail as we have supplied them with a decorative archway before, for “Shirley Park”. The decorative arch they wanted supplied and installed was 3100mm high and would sit at the entrance to Hillfield Park in Solihull.

As a whole the project went well, the archway was very successful and was installed on time. The strategy for Alpha Rail was to supply and construct the Archway with ‘Armed Forces Community Garden’ lettered on it and install it at the entrance to the Hillfield Park. The client is very happy with the results of this job and it provided the perfect entrance for their opening ceremony at the Hillfield Park.

The project turned out very well and Alpha Rail recently received an email from Elaine Butler at British legions about the Opening ceremony that took place for the park on the 20th of May, the archway was unveiled by the Vice Lord Lieutenant assisted by 6 of the most wounded. It was a wonderful tribute to the armed forces.

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