Come and see this impressive cleaning technology in action. Product specialist from Fronius International, Maria Laure, will be demonstrating the Acerios at Fronius UK in February. Book for either the 13th or 15th February and choose between an AM or PM slot. There is also the opportunity to bring a sample to be cleaned. Light refreshments will be provided.

Why Plasma for Surface Cleaning?

Clean surfaces are crucial in avoiding impaired adhesion of thermal or chemical joining methods. However, this poses a challenge in a factory setting with many potential contaminants.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to clean parts, although automated parts washers and dip tanks which are highly effective at removing contaminants for large quantities of parts, do increase costs considerably and require an additional production step. These requirements can be particularly cumbersome when only specific sections of parts need cleaning as part of an intermediate step before further assembly. This is where hot-active-plasma surface cleaning really comes in to its own.

Acerios – Efficient Cleaning

The Acerios hot active plasma technology allows partial and precise cleaning of material surfaces in industrial production by removing organic residues and film impurities quickly and efficiently. Compared to conventional methods of fine cleaning, the application has a much lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, and the absence of environmentally harmful cleaning additives.

The hot active plasma generated by Acerios is guided fully automatically over the material surfaces. The pyrolysis and plasma processes that take place remove impurities and provide sufficient pre-treatment of the material surface. Treatment speeds of 6 m/min and more can be realised, depending on the material and the soiling.

Acerios in Action

With a stable plasma flame length of around 15-20 millimeters, the process uses plasma temperatures of up to 1000° Celsius. The parent materials to be treated are not melted, but freed from impurities. In addition to the temperature-related cleaning, the surfaces are also activated by the plasma.

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