Rob Underhill takes up the role of Production Manager, bringing with him a wealth of invaluable experience.

Locally based, in Marston Green, Rob has rapidly settled in, getting on well with all members of staff and having a great rapport with the shop floor. As Production Manager, Rob’s responsibilities include overseeing production processes and coordinating all activities to ensure sufficient resources are on hand to meet demand. This involves planning work schedules, estimating costs and, most importantly, continuing to meet deadlines in a fast-paced sector.

Before joining Redhill, Rob worked in central Birmingham for a successful manufacturing company and spent 28 years learning everything he could about fabrication, engineering and manufacturing. He started as a labourer on the factory floor, moving through Mig/Tig welding to become Head Welder, before taking on the roles of Production Manager and subsequently, General Manager.

Having listened to owners Andy and Sam Colley’s vision for the future of Redhill, Rob was in no doubt that he wanted to join the company and be part of the journey. “Working at Redhill, I feel that with my strong work ethic I can take a lot of pressure off senior management and also help to introduce a new customer base,” explains Rob. “I believe I can keep production rolling at a very high standard and also keep shop floor morale high.”

Rob believes he is a good fit with Redhill because he shares Andy and Sam’s work ethic and overall philosophy. “Redhill is a hard-working company with a genuine pride and passion for everything that is produced,” he says. “My goals, objectives and aspirations are to help Redhill grow exponentially over the next 5 – 10 years, with the best possible team, manufacturing the highest quality products in the most cost-efficient way.”

He continues: “My perception is that Redhill is always willing to go the extra mile to produce excellent products and services, seamlessly flowing in one direction to become the ONLY company in the marketplace where customers can find this standard of workmanship and range of products.”

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