What was initially announced as the construction of an open-air swimming pool on the factory premises as a ruse for April Fool’s Day on social media, is actually the unveiling of plans to house a new stamping press.

Instead of a pool, a colossal 750-tonne British Clearing stamping press will stand proud in the purpose-built factory area. To accommodate the height of the press, Jenks & Cattell dug a pit in the factory floor and raised the roof within the £250k project investment. With a bed size of 3050mm x 1780mm and ability to feed metal coil widths of 950mm, it can shape sheet metal with incredible force, producing complex metal pressings for various industries. Jenks & Cattell’s investment in this cutting-edge technology reflects their commitment to staying at the forefront of metalworking innovation.

The press should be fully commissioned in June and the entire factory are excited for its arrival as we look forward to advancing our metal pressing manufacturing capabilities. Jenks & Cattell Engineering is home to over 30 presses from 80 tonnes to 1000 tonnes, and we have progression presses of 250-tonne, 400-tonne and 500-tonne currently. The new 750-tonne investment will be the heaviest and largest progression press in the plant and handling substantial high-volume production runs with consistent quality of metal pressings.

The acquisition of the 750-tonne progression press positions Jenks & Cattell Engineering for continued growth as the we expand our dedication to precision, quality metal components to larger and more complex metal components.

Jenks & Cattell