MPL Fabrications is making its mark on the local sporting scene through a multi-faceted sponsorship with Coventry Rugby Club going beyond just brand visibility; it reflects a shared commitment to the city’s heritage and values.

Sponsorship that is more than just a logo:

This sponsorship isn’t just about placing a logo on a shirt. MPL supports individual player, Adam Nicol, providing him with essential equipment and showcasing their logo on the club’s website and during match announcements. In addition, MPL Fabrications sponsors a board at the Ground.

“Coventry has been our home for over 40 years,” says Kevin Duffy, Managing Director of MPL Fabrications. “We share a deep connection with the city’s manufacturing and sporting history. Sponsoring Coventry Rugby Club, a club that’s been around since 1874, felt like a natural fit. We sponsored initially Harry Seward from last season but sadly Harry has had to retire due to injury issues. From this January we are sponsoring Adam Nicol who has been signed from Jersey Bulls. The club and the players we sponsor embody the same dedication and fighting spirit that we do at MPL.”

Sponsoring beyond the pitch:

MPL’s commitment extends beyond the players. They also sponsor an advertising board at the Butts Park Arena, further solidifying their presence within the club and the local community.

A winning partnership:

The sponsorship has proven fruitful for both parties. Coventry Rugby Club is currently enjoying a stellar season, sitting fifth in the RFU Championship. MPL Fabrications, meanwhile, has gained valuable brand exposure and strengthened its ties with the local community.

Looking ahead:

MPL’s commitment to Coventry Rugby Club is not just a one-season affair. They intend to continue their sponsorship into next year, further solidifying their partnership and supporting the club’s journey.

This story is more than just a sponsorship deal; it’s a testament to the power of shared values and community engagement. MPL Fabrications is tackling the pitch not just with financial support, but also with genuine passion and a commitment to the city of Coventry.

MPL Fabrications