Following a recent incident of ‘mistaken identity’ vandalism, which caused damage to their company premises and two specialist delivery wagons. High Peak Steels, a specialist steel stockist based in Glossop, Derbyshire, have issued a statement

Mark Thornley, managing director at High Peak Steels explains:

“Our company was the victim of mistaken identity by a political group who broke into our yard, daubed red paint across our premises and damaged two delivery wagons with spray paint. They also put bleach into the wagons’ fuel and exhaust management systems.”

He adds:

“Our premises were attacked the day after one of our wagons had delivered to a client, which is based next to a specialist manufacturing firm, making military grade weapons. Protesters were gathered outside the manufacturer’s premises, and it appears that they mistook our firm as a supplier to the weapons manufacturer. The day after, our firm was attacked overnight, in what we believe was a misplaced endeavour.”

Mark explains that the vandalism had a serious impact.

“This has been an expensive incident and has been costly in terms of repairing vehicles and repainting our roller doors and building, damaged by paint. The vandalism also had serious potential consequences. By damaging our engines with bleach, this incident could have had the capacity to injure, or perhaps even kill other road users and pedestrians.”

Vandalism at High Peak Steels

He continues:

“We cannot provide further details on the identity of the protesters, as the incident is the subject of a police investigation, and we do not want to prejudice their enquiries.

Commenting further on the attack, Mark says:

“High Peak Steels is a family firm which has been established for almost 40 years. We are a strong local employer and contribute to the wider business economy and social causes. We have worked vigorously to repair our premises and vehicles and are cooperating fully with the police with their enquiries. We are angered that we have been the victims of mistaken identity in this attack. It has proved costly in terms of repairs to our vehicles and premises.

It has also temporarily affected the continuity of our business operations. However, we are a resilient business and have come through this unnecessary experience. We have moved quickly to trade as normal and thank our clients for their understanding and support. Our MP Robert Largan MP has become involved and has openly criticised those responsible for this attack.”

Mark adds:

“We already have extensive security provision at our premises, which the attackers managed to circumvent. We have since installed further overt and covert security measures.”

High Peak Steels Ltd