High-tech company TRUMPF unveils one of the world’s most powerful show lasers. Company looks back over 100-year history

August 2023, marked the 100th anniversary of German high-tech company TRUMPF, which is based in the Stuttgart region. The special day fell on August 6, 2023 – and the laser experts decided to celebrate it in style! True to its name, TRUMPF set out to trump all previous efforts by firing one of the world’s most powerful show lasers. The laser light shone for the first time on the evening of 3rd August 2023. Under the right weather conditions, the laser was visible up to 80 kilometers away.  

Spectacularly green, amazingly efficient

The green laser light is produced by a particularly energy-efficient laser with three kilowatts of power. Show lasers are not part of TRUMPF’s core business, so its customers would normally use this kind of system for tasks such as welding electric-vehicle batteries. The company ships its lasers to industrial companies all over the world. The semiconductor industry, the automotive industry and the medical-device sector are just some of the areas in which TRUMPF lasers play a key role. Alongside its laser business, TRUMPF is also one of the world’s leading providers of machine tools for flexible sheet-metal fabrication. This is the business in which the company originally made a name for itself.

100 years of innovation

This year marks the achievement of a major milestone. In 1923, Christian Trumpf together with two partners acquired the mechanical workshops previously occupied by Julius Geiger GmbH in Stuttgart. This laid the foundations for the company, which from 1937 operated under the name TRUMPF. From the mid-1930s, TRUMPF specialized in the production of manual machinery for simple sheet-metal processing tasks. In the 1950s, the company’s focus shifted to stationary machine tools.

As early as 1985, TRUMPF launched its first own laser, laying the foundation for its rise as a laser expert. Today, the TRUMPF brand stands not only for machine tools and laser technology, but also provides solutions for promising technologies that hold the key to the future, such as e-mobility and the EUV lithography systems used to produce cutting-edge computer chips.

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