Cut for the future

From Sept. 20 to Oct. 4, BLM GROUP will open the doors to its facilities located in Levico Terme (Trento, Italy) to offer its customers a unique experience of getting up close with the technology and hospitality that distinguish its operations.

This year, attendees will gain firsthand access to the new Lasertube LT12: a fiber laser cutting system for tubes and metal profiles capable of cutting tubes from 25 to 305 mm in diameter, processing range for fiber cutting that was previously missing from BLM GROUP’s machine portfolio.

The machine
LT12 can be equipped with different laser powers and is capable of processing tubes up to 62 kg/m. The structure is configured with a mandrel at the tail and a steady rest that supports the tube being cut. It is here we find one of the innovations of the Lasertube system, namely interpenetration where the mandrel enters the steady rest to cut the end of the bar thereby achieving minimal waste.

High performance on light and heavy tubes
As with all BLM GROUP’s Lasertube machines, the tube is supported throughout the processing line
providing precise and fast laser cutting on both small-diameter tubes and long, heavy tubes, while maintaining speed and precision over the range of processable diameters. This is a flexible system that caters to multiple sectors but is of particular interest to those industries where it is common to find open and closed profiles that can be up to 305 mm in diameter.

Multiple possible configurations
The new Lasertube system is modular in both loading and unloading lengths. In fact, two sizes for
loading (8.5 m and 12.5 m) and several sizes for unloading are available. The possibility of loading bar lengths up to 12.5 m was made to elevate processing through nesting, which optimally arranges each cut on the bar, so as to make the most of the material while minimizing unused bar sections.

Drill & Tap
Why waste time with a semi-finished product when the process can be done directly in the Lasertube? Drill & tap is an additional device that allows drilling and tapping with the possibility of also employing FlowDrill technology directly in the Lasertube system. The machining unit is equipped with an 8 or 16 position tool magazine that allows the wear rate of each tool to be monitored.

Active Scan
For the first time on a Lasertube from ADIGE-SYS, Active Scan has been introduced: a technology
developed by BLM GROUP that makes it possible to auto-correct the positioning of geometries on
the tubes to be cut. This is one of the most popular Active Tools- exclusive, patented technical
solutions- on Lasertubes.